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just had the worst english breakfast ever and my workmate went in this cafe in station road ..after useing it about 2 years ago which at the time was ok...this time howevere the breakfast was terrible ..we both opted for the set no 1 which consisted of egg bacon sausage beans fried slice...2 bread and butter and a tea£ 4.80 ..the tea was ok as was the bread and butter ,,then after waiting 30 mins for the breakfast ..which was poor as the cafe was empty came up ..and was just about warm ..vile sausage ..beans cold ..and as for the fried slice it was laughable..a slice of bread..dipped in fat and then just a slight tinge of colour ..he must of just slapped it on the hot plate then took it off ..being fair the bacon was ok and the egg so so ...needless to say we didnt eat any of it as i say the worst english breakfast ever i know that the owners are not english but they should learn how to cook an english breakfast as many others have done...or dont sell it as english.... ....

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