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I ordered food today and have never been so disgusted. Everything was oily and presented terribly. The red peas soup was a cup of water with one pea, 3/4 onions and coloured by browning, (I assume)and flavoured with salt. The fritters was made with a large slab of self raising flour swimming in oil. Large Ackee & Saltfish was accompanied by badly presented steam cabbage in the same container that was not requested or published. The patty needed more love and decent filling. My food is in the bin. I have never written a bad review before or found it necessary to call a restaurant to complain; but I couldn't let this pass. Disgusting food. I have eaten from this restaurant and had associates working there so expected much better. I am going to cook now as cant bare to get something as bad for dinner. However, she did politely take my complaint, telling me to get a refund from ubereats. But i won’t as they need to buy peas. Sorry to have to write this during this struggling time.   26-03-21